Make the most out of every watt

Data centers are the information backbone of an increasingly digitized world. Demand for their services continues to grow rapidly, driven by data-intensive technology. Today, the worldwide electricity use for data centers accounts for around 2%, and predictions indicate that the electricity share to power data centers will be five times higher in 2030.

Even if data centers are a driving force in requiring renewable energy, the challenges of producing electricity for an increasing amount of data at a reasonable cost are still present. ZeroPoint’s technology contributes to solving the combined storage and energy challenges for data centers by removing up to 70% of unnecessary information on semiconductors. The result is an increase in performance per watt of up to 50%.

ZeroPoint’s technology for data centers: Store more data, reduce energy consumption, or both.

The potential with ZeroPoint in the data center market

Long version

According to a study, data centers in Sweden use approximately 3,000 GWh per year. Reducing 25% of that consumption with technology from ZeroPoint represents 750 GWh – equivalent to electricity for 30,000-40,000 Swedish homes.