How it all started

Working together in a research lab for computer technology at Chalmers University of Technology, Dr. Angelos Arelakis and Dr. Per Stenström realized they had a common interest in memory compression technologies. In 2016, based on research findings at the lab, they saw an unexploited commercial potential and decided to take the step to form ZeroPoint.

Two innovators sharing one vision

Using memory compression for semiconductors is nothing new in the data center and smart device markets. However, Angelos and Per have invented a new way to remove unnecessary information, leading to an increase in performance per watt by up to 50%. Their vision is to create a disruptive technology with the true potential of becoming a worldwide game-changer.

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The story of ZeroPoint – directly from the founders

The fortunate naming mistake

Every new company needs a name. But the naming game can be quite tricky.

The ambition was to find a name that gave associations to efficient packaging of information. As packaging density can be measured in entropy, striving for zero entropy was considered optimal and the name ZeroPoint was coined. However, further research showed that high entropy, not low, means that the information is efficiently packed.

After some discussions, the name ZeroPoint was kept as it evokes the right associations: “Zero unnecessary information.”

A mistake, but a fortunate one. The willingness to keep the name reflects ZeroPoint’s approach to research and development. You start with something you believe is great, make new discoveries along the way but never lose focus on what you initially wanted to achieve.

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ZeroPoint Technologies is a member of the following organizations