ZeroPoint IP offerings

Our IP offering is a game-changer for data centers looking to reduce energy consumption without compromising performance. By intelligently optimizing memory traffic and implementing energy-efficient compression, our technology significantly increases performance and lowers power consumption, resulting in substantial cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability

With our IP solution, data centers can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability while enjoying the economic benefits of energy efficient perfomance.

Cache MX

The Cache MX compression solution increases the cache capacity by 2x at an 80% area and power saving to comparable SRAM capacity.


High performance and low latency hardware accelerated compression at unmatched power efficiency.

Ziptilion™ BW

Delivers up to 25% more (LP)DDR bandwidth at nominal frequency and power, enabling a significantly more performance and energy efficient SoC.


Double the CXL connected memory capacity with data DenseMem.

Flash MX

Double the NvMe storage capacity with Flash MX.


High Performance and Low Latency industry-standard encryption / decryption. Independent non-blocking encryption and decryption channels.