Lightelligence Partners With ZeroPoint Technologies to Increase Data Center Connectivity Performance by Up to 50%

By ZeroPoint Media, Tuesday 18 July 2023

BOSTON and GOTHENBURG, Sweden, July 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lightelligence, the global leader in photonic computing, and ZeroPoint Technologies, a leading provider of ultra-fast data compression IP, today announced a partnership to increase the bandwidth and performance of optical Compute Express Link (CXL) interconnect in data centers with data compression technology.

Through this partnership, Lightelligence will create an ultra-low latency and energy efficient CXL interconnect leveraging ZeroPoint’s compression IP for CXL memory pools to increase the performance-per-watt of CXL data interconnect by up to 50%. They will explore reducing a data center’s total cost of ownership (TCO) by providing a high-bandwidth, photonic-based interconnect at reduced power when compared to existing copper wire-based interconnect.

The intent of the partnership is to use compression technology to reduce the number of channels needed for CXL interconnectivity to memory pools. Supporting CXL bandwidth standards with fewer lanes will significantly reduce the power of the connections between CPUs and memory. Power savings can be realized at the chip, compute node, rack, and pod levels lowering CXL interconnect TCO.

By combining photonics and compression, data center architects will be able to build more scalable systems while reducing design costs and time to market.

“ZeroPoint Technologies is a global leader in CXL compression technology,” remarks Hal Conklin, Lightelligence’s Vice President of Business Development. “We are excited about our partnership and proud to be at the forefront of cutting-edge solutions that help improve performance and TCO of data centers for the era of AI.”

“Partnering with Lightelligence is a great opportunity to explore optimizations simultaneously at the logical and physical layers for our data center customers,” says Nilesh Shah, Vice President of Business Development at ZeroPoint Technologies.

About ZeroPoint Technologies AB
ZeroPoint Technologies is a semiconductor IP licensing company providing server CPU, memory controller and memory module vendors as well as smart device SoC developers with low-latency, energy-efficient hardware-accelerated data compression solutions across the memory hierarchy to expand effective bandwidth and capacity.

About Lightelligence
Lightelligence is transforming cutting-edge photonic technology into groundbreaking solutions that offer exponential improvements in computing power and dramatically reduce energy consumption. As the global leader in the photonic computing industry, Lightelligence is to date the only company that has publicly demonstrated integrated silicon photonic computing systems working at speed. Founded in 2017, Lightelligence has approximately 200 employees worldwide and has raised more than $220 million in funding.

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