Meta and Google Unveil a Revolutionary Hardware-Compressed CXL Memory Tier Specification!

By ZeroPoint Media, Monday 6 November 2023

Gothenburg, Sweden – 5 November 2023In a significant development, tech giants Meta and Google have jointly introduced a groundbreaking proposal within the Open Compute Project (OCP) / Composable Memory System (CMS) framework. Their collaborative effort outlines a foundational specification for a hardware-compressed CXL memory tier, detailed in the draft titled "Hyperscale CXL Tiered Memory Expander for OCP – Base Specification." This proposal aligns seamlessly with the innovative DenseMem product being developed by ZeroPoint Technologies, slated for shipment to CXL device customers in Q1-2024.

Authored by Prakash Chauhan and Chris Petersen from Meta, along with Brian Morris and Jerome Glisse from Google, the specification sheds light on how the compressed CXL memory tier addresses core tenets of the Open Compute Project: Efficiency, Impact, Scalability, Openness, and Sustainability.

Openness: The specification opens avenues for silicon vendors by providing a clear definition of the controller requirements supporting tiered memory over CXL. This move facilitates easy deployment without the need for custom hardware or firmware development, fostering an open platform. “The specification aims to remove barriers by providing a consistent definition for deployment of ordinary and compressed memory on CXL as a new tier of the memory hierarchy of a compute platform.”

Efficiency: “There is also the potential for increased energy efficiency by using compression to increase the effective capacity of a CXL memory device, reducing the power necessary to manufacture and operate DRAM components.”

Impact: “There is a pressing need for lower memory costs and to provide more memory capacity.” 

Scale: “Adding a second tier of memory via CXL in a cost-efficient configuration enables capacity scaling that can unlock compute scaling.”

Sustainability: “...enabling a transparent and cost-efficient method to compress memory… on a variety of compute platforms with a diversity of memory technologies. Overall, the Hyperscale CXL Memory Expander specification offers a clear path towards achieving sustainable and responsible data center operations, while also driving innovation and progress in the broader world of technology.”

The introduction of this specification marks a crucial step toward realizing the full potential of the memory hierarchy, enhancing performance while contributing significantly to sustainable environmental practices.

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