Releasing the full potential of the memory hierachy - ZeroPoint's IP offerings

By ZeroPoint Media, Friday 20 October 2023

ZeroPoint technology, a novel combination of real time data compression technology, super-fast memory compaction and transparent memory management. The effect is double memory capacity and bandwidth at unmatched power efficiency. The products are delivered as IP blocks that our customers integrate in their SoCs.

The computational density of integrated circuits is continuing to increase at a speed that is far from matched by the memory capacity and bandwidth. Our mission is to put unused resources to work. Our research shows that memory content is compressible (loss-less) with a factor of 2-3x. The benefit of our memory compression technology is up to 50% higher performance per watt of the system.

To accommodate the increasing demand for high-performance, low-latency security solutions, ZeroPoint has also developed an encryption/decryption IP core that can be provided stand-alone or integrated with our compression IP.

The detailed IP information and data sheets are available in the document below.

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