ZeroPoint Technologies joins the Open Compute Project

By ZeroPoint Media, Monday 8 April 2024

Gothenburg, Sweden – 8 April 2024ZeroPoint Technologies, a leader in innovative computing solutions, is joining the Open Compute Project Community as a Startup-Member. This action underscores our commitment to advancing innovation at Hyperscale and fostering collaboration within the industry as a part of the OCP Community.

ZeroPoint’s groundbreaking hardware-accelerated solution works across the entire memory hierarchy, all the way from Cache to Storage, including CXL-connected memory which our DenseMem product addresses. DenseMem is OCP Spec-compliant, and the technology is fully portable. ZeroPoint’s IP solution integrates seamlessly into any CXL Type 3-controller, as well as any ASIC, xPU, and SoC.

“We are pleased to have ZeroPoint Technologies join the OCP Community as a Startup member. Their data compaction, compression and management   technology will be important to meeting the challenges for AI and High-Performance Computing in the coming years.  Especially powerful is the application of its technology on top of CXL, helping to keep large memory pools efficient,” said Cliff Grossner, Ph.D., Chief Innovation Office at the Open Compute Project Foundation. 

This openness sets the stage for substantial advancements in hardware platforms across hyperscale data centers, enterprise environments, and even consumer electronics and smart devices.

ZeroPoint strives to collaborate closely across the OCP Community, addressing major pain points for hyperscalers and removing barriers that hinder diversity among both hyperscalers and enterprise customers. The mission is clear - drive a significant reduction in total cost of ownership, enhance energy efficiency, promote sustainability, and preserve software investments. 

As a concrete first step, ZeroPoint has invested in developing the DenseMem IP solution, which already complies with the recently published OCP Hyperscale CXL Tiered Memory Expander Specification. ZeroPoint is also gearing-up to contribute talks and demonstrations at upcoming OCP Summits. 

“Joining forces with the OCP Community aligns closely with our vision. Through regular contributions to OCP Projects, we aim to accelerate the adoption of critical technologies such as chiplet development and CXL,” said Klas Moreau, CEO, ZeroPoint Technologies.  “We firmly believe that our platform-agnostic solutions are complementary to emerging trends, positioning ZeroPoint as a valuable contributor to the OCP Community.” 

ZeroPoint's hardware-based memory compression and compaction technologies demonstrate their commitment to meaningful innovation. With a substantial 2-4x increase in memory capacity, a 50% boost in performance per watt, and the potential for up to a 25% decrease in total cost of ownership when coupled with emerging CXL technologies, ZeroPoint is enhancing the future of enterprise- and hyperscale computing.

About ZeroPoint Technologies 

ZeroPoint Technologies is a spinout from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, and has over the years developed an impressive IP Portfolio in the memory compression domain. Their patented compression technology is based on 15 years of research. The company was founded by Professor Per Stenström and Dr. Angelos Arelakis, with the vision to deliver the most efficient memory compression available, in real-time, based on state-of-the-art research. Today the company works with industry leaders on product implementation projects and technical evaluations.

For further information contact: Klas Moreau, CEO at +46-725-268101,

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