ZeroPoint Technologies – One of the best start ups in Sweden 2021

By Klas Moreau, Thursday 21 October 2021

ZeroPoint Technologies – One of the most interesting start up companies in Sweden 2021

For the third time ZeroPoint Technologies is appointed one of the most innovative and promising startup companies in Sweden: Link to article at NyTeknik

Computer systems today (i.e. Servers, Smart Devices, Embedded Computing) face an extreme challenge. In order to get the full benefits out of the Integrated Circuit, also named SoC (System on Chip), the available memory capacity needs to be balanced to the computing resource. By, increasing the bandwidth between main memory and the computational unit and increasing the capacity, the performance can be improved significantly.

ZeroPoint’s research has concluded that up to 70% of the information stored in the main memory is redundant, waste in other words!

With Real Time, High Performance and Efficient Data Compression, Compaction and Memory Management this wasted capacity can be returned to the system.
The benefit is a system delivering up to 50% more performance at unmatched energy efficiency.

This is ZeroPoint’s innovation: Compressed Managed Memory Technology. A lossless main memory compression technology that we believe will become an industry standard.

We are very proud to once again have received this award and recognition.

It encourages us to continue to work hard and put that wasted memory to work to set a new industry standard.

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