ZeroPoint Technologies signs Memory Encryption contract

By Klas Moreau, Monday 7 March 2022

Gothenburg, Sweden – 07 March 2022 – ZeroPoint Technologies AB today announced that they have won their first Memory Encryption IP licensing contract with a global semiconductor developer. ZeroPoint Technologies provides

SphinX, an AES-XTS encryption IP core that is designed to accommodate the speed, latency and bandwidth requirements of high-performance computer systems. This includes main memory and other high performance storage devices such as NvMe, SSD, Optane and PCIe connected devices.

The most challenging bottlenecks in computing typically stem from memory capacity and bandwidth. The challenge becomes even harder when adding the requirements of security. ZeroPoint decided to address this hard problem and developed a real-time memory encryption solution based on the industry standard (NIST FIPS 197) AES cipher in XTS mode (IEEE Std 1619-2018). The SphinX IP is modular and can easily scale to higher throughput. The design is fully synchronous and supports independent, non-blocking encryption/decryption at main memory speed.

“Memory encryption infers latency and requires substantial computational resources, however, combined with compression, we can reduce the system impact significantly. By combining ZeroPoint’s Memory Booster and Encryption technologies, we can provide the highest performing and most efficient system on chip (SoC) security solution in the market”, says ZeroPoint Technologies CEO Klas Moreau.

Besides SphinX, the Memory Encryption IP, ZeroPoint also provides Ziptilion™ – a memory booster technology for Servers and Smart devices. Ziptilion™ is not another memory, it is an innovative patented technology that doubles the capacity and bandwidth to existing memory technologies at unmatched energy efficiency.

Worldwide, servers were consuming about 1% (2019) of global electricity and this is predicted to increase to 4% within a few years. ZeroPoint’s technology can drastically increase the energy efficiency of Servers. A typical data center consuming 1 TWh/year, could save up to 20% on energy cost. Our technology increases system performance per watt significantly, at lower CAPEX and OPEX.

“ZeroPoint Technologies’ vision is to enable high performance Servers and Smart devices that are environmentally friendly. Memory bottlenecks are a tremendous challenge for SoC developers. Systems with memory booster technology are environmentally friendly and financially effective. By putting unused memory to work we can deliver up to 50% more performance per watt. And this is the single most important metric to high performance Servers and Smart devices.”, says Klas Moreau.

About ZeroPoint Technologies AB

ZeroPoint Technologies is a spinout from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, and has over the years developed an impressive IP Portfolio in the memory compression domain. Their patented compression technology is based on 15 years of research. Today the company works with industry leaders on product implementation projects and technical evaluations.

The company was founded by Professor Per Stenström and Angelos Arelakis PhD, with the vision to deliver the most efficient memory compression available, in real-time, based on state-of-the-art research. ZeroPoint Technologies AB is a privately held Limited Company, based in Gothenburg. ZeroPoint Technologies provide Ziptilion™, the world’s only available real time memory compression IP for SoCs.

For further information contact
Klas Moreau, CEO at +46-725-268101

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